Info: Hometown: Viterbo, Italia
Genre: Etruscan Death/Black Metal

Line up: Simone Scocchera - Vocals
Michele Valentini - Guitars
Giovanni Tomassucci - Bass
Bruno Forzini - Drums


Tel: +39 388 81 66 313
Biography Voltumna, hailing from central Italy, was forged in 2009 by Michele Valentini on guitars, drummer Bruno Forzini and Manuel Bannella on bass, later joined by vocalist Simone Scocchera. Their mix of old school Death and Black Metal proved to set the right soundtrack for their lyrical themes, inspired by the myths and history of the etruscan civilization.

Voltumna released their first effort "Chimera" in 2011, recorded at Fear No One Studio (owned by Emiliano Natali), consisting of 4 tracks that strikingly introduced them into the italian extreme metal scene. Voltumna subsequently intensified their live activity in Italy, while working on the songwriting of their upcoming full lenght.

In summer 2012, the band enters Fear No One Studios again, teaming up with Paolo Pieri (Hour of Penance, Aborym) as music producer, to record their new effort called “Damnatio Sacrorum”, consisting of 10 song of old school brutality.

Behold the rise of the etruscan war machine...

Damnatio Sacrorum

Tracklist: 01 - Soul On The Acheronte
02 - Lord Of Mayhem
03 - Aruspice
04 - Damnatio Sacrorum
05 - Suffocated ( feat. Paolo Pieri )
06 - Waiting For The Dawn
07 - Epitaph For My Sins
08 - Deus Ex Machina
09 - Bloody Priestess
10 - Progeny Of The Snake

Italian Release: March, 8 2013
Worlwide Release: April, 14 Cold Birth Records (UK)

Label: Cold Birth Records (UK)
Recorded at Fear No One Studios ( Aborym )
Engineered and Mastered by Emiliano Natali
Mixed by Emiliano Natali and Voltumna
Produced by Paolo Pieri ( Hour Of Penance / Aborym )

Chimera - April 2011

Tracklist: 01 - Rebuild the Past
02 - Necropolis
03 - Tearless
04 - Volsinii

Recorded at Fear No One Studios ( Aborym )
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