Born in 2009, Voltumna isn’t your classic extreme metal band. Their sound finds its roots in the old-school death/black metal tradition and the leading theme of their music makes them unique and original indeed.

In fact, listening to their songs, will send you back in time to the Etruscan civilization and their myths.

The release of their first EP Chimera in 2011 is the starting point of their music production. Four songs, recorded at the Fear No One studio shows clearly what’s the musical direction of the band which will start an intensive national live tour following the EP release.

In the summer of 2012 Voltumna go back to the Fear No One studio and the recordings of the debut album Damnatio Sacrorum starts, this time with Paolo Pieri (Hour Of Penance, Aborym) looking after the album production. Ten songs of pure old-school death/black metal brutality is what the album is made of!

Soon the album gets licensed by the English label Cold Birth Records that will bring the band on stage throughout Europe together with Inquisition, Taake and Carpathian Forest.

Once again, in 2014, the band record a new album of 12 tracks with Paolo Pieri.Disciplina Etrusca gives even more emphasis on the death-black attitude of the band unique sound which sees Volutmna playing over 100 gigs all over the world in some of the most popular music festivals like MetalGate Czech DeathFest, the British Incineration Festival, the Ukrainian Carpathian Alliance, the Metal Crowd Open air in Bielorussia, a tour in South Africa with Behemoth and a summer tour in U.S..

Disciplina Etrusca, released in 2015 by Subsound Records (artwork by Marcello Vasco), is a concept album where the songs are all thematically-linked to the Etruscan rituality and customs.

The rise of the Etruscan war machine continued for the whole 2016 with a confirmed summer tour in China and they have been already added to the line-up of the 2017 German festival Ragnarok and the Bulgarian Autumn Souls Of Sofia.

In autumn the band will start the recordings of their new concept album Dodecapoli, which will be centered on the twelve cities of the Etruscan confederation, also this time the artwork will be supervised by Marcello Vasco.

Despite their young age (in their early twenties), Voltumna is to be considered as a name already stated in the death/black world scene as well as one of the strongest names of the national Italian metal scene.